How Making Money Online Is Easy.

How Making Money Online Is Easy.


Wanna be entrepreneurs tend to think earning money online is very difficult.


This isn’t my first rodeo! Affiliate marketing has been around for a while. When I was younger, even before computers were ever in use and offered to the public, items were advertised, bought, and sold through newspapers. (Yep! That was our ‘social media’ back then.) Advertisers would hock their products through print. Later, the world of advertising would slowly revolve to great changes; that one day this ‘making money online thing’ would ‘take off like a rocket,’ through such a thing called ‘the how-to-make-money-onlineinternet.’

Now if you wanna go waaay back to the days of Abraham Lincoln (Or maybe NOT that far back), I know there were even hustlers back then.  The whole history of advertising can be traced back to ancient civilization.

In 1783, there were only 43 American newspapers in print. And in 1741, America published its first magazine.

Mostly newspapers were used a lot back in those days regarding advertising. Whatever worked for advertiser to make a buck, it was probably used. (Sometimes even illegally and dishonest.)

I’m sure they had some type of scam going on back then too. Lets face it! It appears the ‘hustling game within the advertising world’ will never go away!


My Young Marketing Journey


I remember growing up, selling Christmas cards door-to-door for some ‘fly by night’ company. For every box I sold, I’d get a commission. But I had to start selling the cards during the summer months, which I thought was weird.

I found this was because the company needed time to process the order forms before the upcoming holiday. Customers will have their cards on time. Although this form of ‘hustle’ was good, my main interest was art. I love drawing and painting, but mom didn’t have the money for brushes and canvases.

Selling Christmas cards, door-to-door, was my first affiliate marketing job. I was ‘bitten by the advertising’ bug! I loved this way of making some money with little work.

Nothing hard or physical. Just a lot of long weekends, walking in the hot sun, going door to door. But still have to be aware of my surroundings.

The only thing bad about being a young entrepreneur is that I did miss hanging out with my friends. Shooting hoops on the lot and playing softball is what they like to do almost every afternoon. 


A World Of Thugs


Things back then, in the early years, was no where what it is today in regards to violence in the street. The most that would happen back then was maybe get beat up and robbed. Now, in today’s times, you’ll be thankful & lucky that would be the only thing that’ll happen to you.

My friends wondered what was wrong with me. Why did I wanna do this? I enjoyed making my own money without asking my parents for everything.

Mom and dad only had enough money to keep a roof over our heads and barely pay the monthly bills.

Mom always kept a little change on the side for her ‘Bull Frog’ beer, which she enjoyed drinking with her next-door neighbor friend. (I always got a big kick out of that brand name!)LOL!!


My Art Creativity Still Remained At The Forefront Of My Life. 


Selling art online was always a good possibility of earning.  As I mentioned before, art was just as important as my love for business and affiliate marketing.

Later in life, I really developed my skills in regards to the techniques of oil painting. (My knowledge of acrylics & watercolor came much later).

Below are some of my paintings I had outside on display during one of my art fair’s in Chicago, ILL. A real fun time that weekend!


This fair would feature oil paintings, framed drawings of unique subjects, hand-crafted dolls, airbrush pictures, metal sculptures, watercolors, etc;

This was an exciting time every year! We all bonded together like family. All art lovers alike to get together for a great time!

After I did not achieve my goal as an art instructor, I became interested in the movielovefolks

business. For some reason, Hollywood producers found Chicago an excellent place to shoot movies. When they came to film, I was right there auditioning!

When Basketball legend Bill Russell along with Gary Coleman, star of that tv comedy “Different Strokes,” came to town, I was cast to be Bill’s stand in. (I’m 6′ 5″)

But when I wasn’t doing this, you’d find me back at work in front of my drawing board. Business as usual. But sadly, my marketing venture slowed down. Still I never lost interest in affiliate marketing.

My love of art will never die! Just as comedy writing and illustrating my book,  ‘How to Select a Compatible Mate’, is just something that felt right to me.

I’m so thankful to God each and everyday for giving me the talent which He instilled in me. But I also take NOTHING for granted. So I would say to all of you:


Never put limits yourself! Dig deep within yourself and tap into that hidden talent!





God Has Truly Blessed Me


Since I was 15, I became very interested in music after my cousin (May She RIP) took me to my fist live stage concert at the Regal Theater to see the Temptations, Jackie Wilson, The Supremes and a host of others. It was on a Sunday afternoon after church service.

I was hooked! I saw the crowd excitement, thousands of girls screaming and thought, “I’d like to do this.” I wasn’t even sure if I could sing, but something deep inside told me otherwise. You Can Do This, Ron!


So after many years of rehearsing, recruiting and arguing(lol), this was the final result.  My brother, me (I’m the tall skinny one with the Big Afro), and my other two friends. The one on the far left, Allan, died about 20 years ago. John, on the far right just vanished! We don’t know where he’s at. Just me and my older brother left.

But our music passion continued. We wasn’t giving up! Our younger brother Lamont, was a very creative song writer and music producer. He was a singer as well. So it’s only natural all the brothers banded together to sing and create good music.

A bigger plus was that he had his own recording studio in his den. Boy! Did we have fun singing and producing!! My brother started his own production company, ‘Christian Artist Music, LTD.’  We could sing any types of music and his studio is open to any up and coming singers. He’s also willing to write and produce others who feel they’re ready.

Lamont and my oldest bother wrote and did the musical arrangements for The City of Chicago. My two brothers, our friend Ted and myself, all are singing on this original song the new mayor of Chicago has not heard yet. It’s called “Chicago Got it”.

Below is a cover shot of a cd we completed and is ready for mass production. We’re just seeking someone successfully involved with gospel music (Or any type of music for that matter), who feel they can take our cd to the next level. Give a listen to this one song sample…


Always Business Minded


But again going back to my early years and my marketing interest, affiliate marketing always was in the forefront of my mind. It really never went away. Like anything else, I was determined to succeed.

The same drive I demonstrated in other fields, I put forward into marketing. entrepreneur role, I labeled myself….

“The Young Business Guy Headed For Success.” Always keeping my ‘eye on the prize’ and the financial reward down the road. And as usual, friends tried to discourage me as I plowed forward to achieving my goal. 

I always knew that “brass ring” was further down the road, but my determination and a desire to succeed was planted deeply within my soul. I knew one day I’ll make it! 

I remember trying to get my friends to think more independently and try earning their own money. No one thought that I could go this far to try something like this.

Since I was so tall (and skinny), everyone thought I’d join my school’s basketball team. Sports were cool, but earning money was even better.

I’ve read stories of how other young people started early and later became a big success in business. I thought, “If they could do it, so can I.”


Needed A Mentor


Of course, as I grew older, over the years my appetite for affiliate marketing also grew as well. I also didn’t realize so many scams would surface the more other platforms became available. Everything looked and sounded good!

Over the years, I’ve found a lot of programs offering members the world with all the bells and whistles attached, but produced little or no results.  

That’s why I knew it would take extensive research to find a good affiliate program. This was the way for me to go! Finding one that is honest, trustworthy and scam free!

These type of programs are far and few between, but they are still out there. Case in point: Wealthy Affiliate! With the ‘Live’ webinar training every Friday evening, I’ve found my mentor in Jay. He’ll show serious members the ‘ins & outs’ of affiliate marketing and how to monetize their site(s), along with great weekly tips. (And this is just a tip of the iceberg).

The 24/7 community support is ‘Out Of This World!’ (Very knowledgeable group of folks). Think about it; with over 1.4 million members, how can you Not get the answers you seek?

This is just AMAZING! Wealthy Affiliate have proven strategies to attract loads of traffic. You can have access to over 4 Billion Potential Customers. Choose your niche from over 1 million ideas. Also, you’re taught how to build a Free website for your business. Shall I say more?

Sign on Today and receive 10 Free Affiliate Boot camp Lessons starting with “Getting Your Business Rolling.”



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22 Replies to “How Making Money Online Is Easy.”

  1. When we are young and enthusiastic, we try all sorts of new things.  Sometimes they stick.  I found out early on that I liked to sell, and was good at it.  So, I got into the jewelry business; have had a couple of long-lasting shops over the years.  Now I’m retired and trying my hand at affiliate marketing.  Such a great field!  This market is something with room for everyone.  If you have an idea, you can start filling it out and turning it into a full-time profession.  I’m glad to know you have found out it’s a good field, too…good luck to both of us!

    1. Hey Fran, In this business we need all the luck we can get. It is so much competition out here. So many different programs folks are promoting. Everybody and their grandma is selling something! All these ‘shiny and glittery’ things dangling before are eyes sometime do get tempting. But as long as we put in 100% of what we promote, that’s all that matters. 

  2. Having a mentor when venturing into online business is as crucial as the work you put into it. That’s what makes it easy. We lose it most of the time because we don’t have adequate guidance and someone to show us the way and pick us up when we veer off. How important in this era of scams to get a good affiliate programme, Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great place to be at.

    1. Yes Nozie, way too much garbage is offered online now-a-day. Those type of programs offer little or no value to beginning entrepreneurs. The creators of these programs only care about what’s in your wallet than providing you with good guidance.

  3. Very interesting piece. I realized that am good at selling stuff and talking to people 6 years after graduation. Never the less things we love doing makes us who we are. I agree that WA is a real game. I would encourage every human to try and use their talent or hobby to pursue their dreams. Otherwsise your site is nice simple and elaborate. All the best. 

    1. Thank you my friend for checking in with me. I agree that we must do things that make us feel good! We must always think success, in whatever we do. You should always think you’re a ‘winner’ before you actually begin any project. Positive thinking is the real game changer! We must be rich in our minds, before our wallets. Please share my post with others.

  4. I think and agree with you 100%, the platform is laid for us to follow our dreams. It’s very important to pick the right low hanging fruit in the form of a niche that would wand to pursue and sell to the wider public. Well spotted and that’s what we should do in order for us to be successful as online marketers.


    1. Hey Joel, glad you were able to check in with me. Affiliate marketing, with a good solid marketing plan, is the way to go. Many folks fail when they don’t have the right information and the right business plan to get a good start on things! I think they give up to soon! Please share my post with others!

  5. I enjoyed reading your story. We all have some talents, but very few of us actually take our talents to another level. You liked earning your own money you said. I think that is why many people start an online business. They want to create and feel free to make their own future. Wealthy affiliate is my home now. I feel like a found a hidden gem in a haystack. Wealthy Affiliate have learned me to make a website and earn money with it. I started for free with the 10 Online education lessons. Now I am a pemium member and I could not dream of having my online office anywhere else.

    1. Hi Hilde, thanks for commenting. There ain’t too many programs that really educate its members on how to be successful in marketing like WA. It’s a one-stop-shop! Making money is the ‘key’ reason we want great websites and interesting niches. Glad to hear WA is working for you. Please share my post with others.

  6. This is life as it seems you have ventured into quite a lot eventually settling for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is surely an amazing way to earn money as you can sit back while the money keeps rolling in. The issue with this is that it takes some time to achieve this and lots of work and patients but the amazing thing is that it is achievable and one of the best things to do is to have a guide which is sought of like a mentor to guide you through the process as this is one of the surest ways to achieve success online.

    1. Yes Manuel, affiliate marketing is the way to go! In my personal life, I had many choices to do many things. But many of those things took a lot of hard work just to get a break. There’s a lot of competition out here, regardless of what we’re into. Some folks do things different than others. Some folks work harder than others. But in the end, we’re all trying to capture that one thing….Success!! Please share my post with others. 

  7. i love your story and i was hooked from begining, what a way to start your career by selling xmas cards in the summer. Having independence so young must have been thrilling not only that but continuing with affiliate marketing and realizing  your passion for painting. I was also apprehensive when I first started but wealthy affiliate and the training they have has convinced be to keep at it too. 

    1. Yes Lee, I did a lot of things in my young life. Met a lot of folks that had the same interest as me. I was trying to make a career out of my music and my art, but couldn’t quite put the pieces together. (Music is really one hard business to break into. Tough competition) I settled on affiliate marketing because it’s less pressure on the mind compared to the others!

  8. I believe making money online is very easy but at the same time, it requires a lot of time, patience and consistency. A lot of people makes the mistake of having the mindset that getting Rich quick can work online, I had that kind too but as I dived better into it, I realized that it takes a lot. It’s good to read through your story, it’ll serve as inspiration to others.

    1. Thank you BeyondCol, I’m happy you enjoyed my site and will use it as inspiration. I agree with you that those ‘get rich quick’ programs never works. Time and money wasters! The ‘good programs’ definitely require the time, but in the long run, if done right, will pay of for you. Patience is a big part of the ‘key’ to success, in regards to marketing. 

  9. Thank you for sharing your journey with us Ron, it’s a really moving story and it is good to hear you have found what you are looking for to get into affiliate marketing. I am looking to become an affiliate marketer too and I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate before, do you know if you can join if you are not in the United States?

    1. Thank you Madeleine for reading my post. I’m glad you liked it. In my early younger years, it was a slight struggle growing up and trying to succeed in life. Now I’ve settled into Wealthy Affiliate and Madeleine without a doubt, I’ve learned a great deal doing my three years with them. WA is Not a get-rich-quick outfit. You have to put in the time, work and have patience.

      To answer your question Wealthy Affiliate is open to all countries, so there shouldn’t be any problem joining. It’s Free to join. (You’ll get 24/7 support) Later, if you want to upgrade your membership to premium, No problem… as long as you can convert your countries currency into USA dollars. Here’s the link:

  10. Hello awesome article you have here. this really caught my attention. I just could not ignore it, am really sure that this is going to help anyone that comes across it. I agree that WA is a real game. I would encourage every human to try and use their talent or hobby to pursue their dreams. Otherwise your site is nice simple and elaborate. All the best.

    1. Thank you Joy for checking in and commenting. I also hope it gets many other’s attention, especially the beginning entrepreneur wanting to earn. They just have to understand you can’t run after everything that ‘glitters’ and ‘Shiny.’ Unlike WA, many other companies will promise you everything, and deliver nothing! You just have to watch out for the scammers. Please share my post with others.

  11. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. For me, I think affiliate marketing is the best option if anyone is planning on starting an online business, although it takes some time it really easy money.

    1. Yes my friend, affiliate marketing is the way to go. Especially, if you’re with a good program that can guide you along through all the ‘rough spots.’ Yes these programs take time. But what I would recommend to all new entrepreneurs, is to do your homework and try to avoid all the online scammers. Please share my post. Thanks.

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